Curd Cheese / Sour Milk Curd Cheese / Fresh Cheese

Curd cheese, known as “curds” in Austria, is a very healthy food:
It has a high protein content and low calories.

Especially in the meatless diet, curd cheese is a healthy alternative. Curd cheese is produced by fermentation of milk and is often better tolerated by people. Also curd cheese is used in many pastry products, for example, in the popular cheesecake. Curd cheese requires a different consistency, which we can offer with our machines.

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Practical Machines (Quarkmaker)

For the traditional “curd cheese” making, we offer practical machines (Quarkmaker) and other devices such as filling and dosing pumps, inline filters with scrapers (to make the curd cheese texture soft), mixers to add cream, spices, fruits, etc. The A·S·T·A eismann “Quarkmaker” that is a further development of the Schulenburg method, consists of a semicircular oblong coagulation vat (with or without heating/cooling jacket). We produce our “Quarkmakers” with pneumatic press operation (capacities from 500 l to 10,000 l).

The finely perforated basket is adjusted to the shape of this vat. Once the milk is coagulated, the basket automatically presses gently on top of it. As a consequence, whey flows into the basket and it can be pumped out after several hours. Then the basket is lifted back and the quark is now ready to be pushed out through the large outlet. A·S·T·A quarkmakers produce quality curd cheese highly appreciated by confectioners and bakers, which no separator equipment can achieve.


Sour milk cheese cheese vats

Sour milk cheese cheese vats


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On-Farm/Small-Scale Cheese Making

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