Yoghurt is a light and healthy food which is easily usable by fermentation for the human body, often even better than milk.

The triumph of yoghurt in recent decades continues: and deservedly so. It is light and yet contains many valuable ingredients. Finished with fruit we get a healthy intermediate meal. Yoghurt is not only taken in small portions, but also in larger containers for large kitchens. And for the sake of the environment: the refrigerated shelves reflect its diversity and the creativity of the producers.

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A·S·T·A multipurpose Vats and Yoghurt Maker

The A·S·T·A multipurpose vats have excellent properties for traditional yoghurt making. Different steps can be performed in one single vessel: heating, incubating, cooling. Depending on the procedure, the product will be either semisolid or creamy, or it will contain fruit pieces. Requests are welcome!


Yoghurtfillingn with ASTA-eismann Filling- and Dosingpump

Yoghurtfillingn with ASTA-eismann Filling- and Dosingpump

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