Mixing-/Processing Container

There is a wide range of possibilities in the field of mixing or processing container. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

For mixing free-flowing products, delicatessen/raw food salats, frozen vegetables or similar products we offer, for example, our gravitiy mixer with a useful volume of 40 to 750l.

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Gravity Mixer and Disperser

There are different variations of our mixer:

  • Hoisting apparatus and hopper depending on the useable volume

  • Speed control, clock timer and aperture priority

  • Isolated barrel, press-on cover, mobile rack and variable barrel materials.

Another product example is the mixer for the meat industry with following options:

  • Standing or horizontal container with pressure-resistant heating jackets 

  • Vacuum and pressure resistant container

  • Gentle, adjustable agitators, which work with magnetic pre-stressed deflectors (no springs!)

  • With manual or electronic control

Cooking / Process Container

In the sector of cooking / process container, particularly for cooking, bleaching, cooling and mixing of food, we provide a scope of useful solutions for our customers ...


In order to complete our range, we offer different utilities and accessories for our equipments and machines. We also deliver spare parts for our machines ...


Tofu as a meat substitute is becoming more popular in central europe. It is made out of soybeans, which are soaked in water and powdered by watering ...