Tofu Production

Tofu is becoming more popular in Central Europe. It is made out of soybeans, which are soaked in water and powdered by watering. The fibrous components (okara) are filtered out, and the 'melds' are boiled. Calcium sulfate or magnesium chloride is then added as a coagulant – a particularly popular coagulant is a sea salt extract called 'nigari.' Then it's filed and pressed into perforated squeeze moldings, after that, it is removed from the mold and cut into portions. Finally, the warm tofu is cooled down in a tank with clear water and then packed and processed.

A·S·T·A eismann has been dealing with tofu and tofu production for decades. We produce practical tofu production equipment – from simple equipment for small quantities to automated equipment for large daily quantities.


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Tofu Equipment

For over 30 years we have been working with this product, offering machines and tofu machines for further processing ...


In order to complete our range, we offer different utilities and accessories for our equipments and machines. We also deliver spare parts for our machines ...