Everything started off small: From a temporary solution, A·S·T·A eismann GmbH has evolved into a constant presence in special equipment for the food sector. Throughout this journey, the range of products has continually expanded with innovative ideas. Moreover, we have been able to grow our team with qualified, creative minds.


Eng. Josef Eismann establishes A·S·T·A eismann GmbH, a company dedicated to the design and maintenance of facilities and equipment for the food processing industry. His passion for these products was the driving force behind its inception.


Eng. Reinhold Helmig joins the company to assist in handling a growing number of orders.


The first business premises are leased in Beckum-Vellern, enabling tests to be conducted on the company's own grounds.


Mr. Wilhelm Eismann's appointment to the company sets the course for the future. In the same year, suitable business premises are found in Neubeckum.


The company relocates to its current offices and production facilities at Mark Nr. 16 in Neubeckum.


The untimely death of Mr. Josef Eismann abruptly marks the end of a phase in the company's life. Following this, the entire team manages to overcome this loss with extraordinary commitment and determination.


Eng. Jürgen Starp joins A·S·T·A eismann GmbH as a design engineer.


The production facility is expanded, doubling the initial space.


The first apprentice is hired for production, marking another step towards securing the future. Additionally, Mr. Robert Banucu joins our engineering team.


Eng. Mostafa Mokhtar strengthens A·S·T·A eismann GmbH and expands the industrial mixing and cooking division.


Mrs. Ieva Diza and Mrs. Valentina Kirsch join our company as office staff, taking over the roles of Mrs. Hütig and Mrs. Ieradi, who have entered well-earned retirement.

In addition, Mr. Wilhelm Eismann becomes the exclusive owner of the company. Mr. Helmig remains connected to the company on an hourly basis.

About ASTA

A·S·T·A eismann GmbH is an engineering consultant for special solutions in the food processing sector ...


The requirements for the systems developed by us are of a different nature. For this reason, every customer project is unique ...

The Team

For more than 30 years, our team of dedicated engineers and skilled workers provides tailor-made solutions for large and small customers ...

Cheese Making Equipment

Many ways lead to cheese. True to this motto, we offer equipments for manufactories and regional products. But cheese is not the same cheese ...

Dairy Equipment

Our many years of experience as engineering consultants for the food production sector put us in a position to offer a wide range of dairy equipment ...


Tofu as a meat substitute is becoming more popular in central europe. It is made out of soybeans, which are soaked in water and powdered by watering ...