A·S·T·A eismann – a strong Team

The A·S·T·A eismann GmbH staff has been growing continuously for more than 30 years. Many of our employees have been with us from the very beginning. We value highly teamwork in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Besides the conventional engineering competence, every member of the A·S·T·A eismann team has specialized, over the years, in their own area. On this basis, we are able to make use of our broad experience and to have access to up-to-date technology.

Our Team

Wilhelm Eismann

Managing Director, Project Management

Gisela Bövingloh

Executive Assistant

Reinhold Helmig

Project Officer

Jürgen Starp

Construction, Purchasing,
Project Management

Christian Conrad

Sales, Construction, Project Management

Mostafa Mokhtar

Sales, Project Management,
Materials Administration

Dante Jasper

Project Officer

Kerstin Wobst

Office Staff

Benita Westphal

Office Staff

Valentina Kirsch

Office Staff

Frank Linnenberg

Technical Product Designer


Frank Tiemann


Workshop Master Craftsman

About A·S·T·A

A·S·T·A eismann GmbH is an engineering consultant for special solutions in the food processing sector ...


Here we provide a small extract from our references ...


Everything started off small: From a temporary solution, A·S·T·A eismann GmbH has developed into a constant in special equipments fort the food sector ...

Cheese Making Equipment

Many ways lead to cheese. True to this motto, we offer equipments for manufactories and regional products. But cheese is not the same cheese ...

Dairy Equipment

Our many years of experience as engineering consultants for the food production sector put us in a position to offer a wide range of dairy equipment ...


Tofu as a meat substitute is becoming more popular in central europe. It is made out of soybeans, which are soaked in water and powdered by watering ...