We are an international engineering consulting team dedicated to planning, construction, development, calculation and fabrication of machines and equipments. In the process following focuses of activity has emerged:

  • Cheese Making Equipment

  • Dairy Equipment

  • Industrial Cooking and Mixing Technology

  • Custom made Products

  • Tofu

Our special equipments for food processing plants can deliver exactly the machinery/facilities that will meet customers’ preferences, their projected growth and the local situation. Each idea becomes a tailor-made reality: perfectly suited to a particular situation - efficient and durable. Together with the quality of the raw material and the know-how of the operator, this kind of equipment has a crucial impact on the final product.

Project Planning

Generally the first contact happens over the phone or via mail. Based on the parameters developed in this process, we generate you an individual offer.

Once this has been accepted, we will either visit you personally or create a first layout of the production rooms using pictures and drawings. It goes without saying that we support you – with our treasure trove of experience – in legal requirements and energy issues.

Project Support / Production / Assembly

When placing the order, we determine your productions timeframe, based on technical and commercial adjustment. After production at our facilities in Neubeckum, Germany, the products are packed and dispatched. If necessary or fixed in the order, our engineers construct the whole product at your site.

Simple solutions are easy to assemble by yourself, while more complex assets requires detailed briefings. If intended, you'll get all the support you need. We offer initial operation and acceptance trials after your product is fully constructed. All this can be fixed in the order or customized later. Everything is possible, nothing is necessary. And of course we will not leave you out in the rain after the end oft he process.

Spare Parts

If spare parts or wear parts are needed for our equipments and machines, we will naturally be there for you. Most of the spare parts are through stocked, so you can get them as soon as possible. If this is not the case, we can provide you with the spare parts at short notice.

The Company

A·S·T·A eismann GmbH is your partner for individual solutions. From planning to commissioning and much more, you get everything from one source ...

Business Areas

As engineering consultants we, plan, design, develop, project and manufacture machinery for the food production sector. At the same time niche solutions have been developed. What we do, we do it with passion ...


Product sheets for cheese and dairy techniques or our A·S·T·A eismann company brochures – on this page we provide a variety of downloads ...